Vision Statement

To train well-equipped graduates who will excel in teaching and in the provision of professional guidance and counselling services to those in need of such services.

Mission Statement

 To prepare Guidance and Counselling graduates whose content knowledge, skills, values and practical experiences will make them proficient in current trends of teaching, research and provision of guidance services.

Core Values

Not Published


The objectives of the Department shall be as follows:

  1. Produce high calibre experts in Guidance and Counselling to lecture in tertiary institutions and contribute to the continuous and sustainable growth and development of the country.
  2. To educate students with appropriate expertise in the skills of counselling, developing and organising Guidance and Counselling programmes and centres for educational institutions,
  3. Equip students with the skills of research and critical thinking in understanding human behaviour and in meeting emerging challenges in the Ghanaian society.
  4. To train and develop in students the ability to extend Guidance and Counselling services to community and agency settings.